Why choose to affiliate with Prato Capital Management?

My story: In 2003, after spending nearly 10 years at Merrill Lynch as a Senior Vice President, the idea was explored of developing an independent Financial Advisory practice.  After an extensive search, I chose to affiliate with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network and Prato Capital Management was born.  With well over a decade on the other side I can say: "Independence is great!"


Your affiliation:

With Prato Capital Managements' affiliation with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network our clients gain access to the resources of one of the largest and most admired financial services firms in the country. With Prato Capital Management we can offer clients a full-service platform with comprehensive wealth management solutions, access to banking and lending, trust and estate planning services through Wells Fargo Affiliates, as well as risk management...you name it, we have a solution.  And in an effort to help ensure our professional reputation, we have Wells Fargo Financial Network performing our compliance operations to help ensure we stay compliant with the ever changing industry rules and regulations. We can focus on doing what is best for our clients...as it should be.


A key value that we offer at Prato Capital Management is a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges that many advisors face. This has allowed us to be able to add value to those relationships by sharing some of those insights when applicable. We are passionate about helping our clients and have developed the resources we need to deliver exceptional customer service with cutting edge investment planning technology, products, and a back office that is dedicated to helping us serve our most valued asset; our client.

It would be our complete pleasure to help you explore independence by affiliating with Prato Capital Management where we are building something truly special.