An Independent Financial Advisory Firm

Prato Capital Management (PCM) is an independent financial advisory service company offering products and services through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network. PCM provides traditional brokerage services, encompassing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and fee-based money management services.
As an independent financial advisory firm, PCM is committed to our clients’ well-being. We listen carefully and take a realistic, personalized approach that ties each client's financial objectives and needs directly to their life goals; there is no “herd” mentality.  
We have a commitment and a responsibility to make our clients' financial goals our highest priority.  By acting with a belief that the clients best financial interest always comes first, we are able to help meet their needs, independently and without constraints.
A cornerstone to our client commitment is our belief that to build wealth, one must first take the necessary steps to help preserve it. At PCM we focus on minimizing risk to help build our client's wealth with the objective to participate in the up years and preserve in the down.  By considering risk on the front-end, we help our clients choose investments that we believe have a track record of outperforming during the inevitable down turns in the markets.
We have the knowledge and resources to help you prosper over the years. As an Independent Financial Advisory firm we work with your accountant, lawyer and others as needed to bring you a comprehensive, well-thought-out Life Plan for potential long-term prosperity.